Character History and Bio

St. Peter
AKA : The Warden, Gatekeeper, Wingfellow

In Heaven:

St Peter has been Heaven’s warden since time began. A brilliant mind with the ability to lay bare all that stand before him and know their every fibre, Peter holds the many keys to Heaven’s gates and no soul may enter unless Peter permits it. With the passage of time, more souls required judgement and Peter grew weary. He approached God and asked for a break from this terrible burden, for mankind was reproducing far beyond any expectation. Peter asked if some other could take his place for he had served, dutiful. God smiled warmly but refused. God said that none other of his children could undertake this task without risking impurity in Heaven and that Peter held the greatest of honours.

Peter solemnly accepted, trudging his way back to his desk outside of Heaven.

Initially Peter continued his great work however bitterness and resentment had taken root in his soul. No longer did he look upon man in the same light for he saw them as a burden, his perspective of each soul tainted by his never ending task. As time passed as grains in an hourglass Peter spend more and more time imagining and designing the fall of man, so that his position was no longer required and so that he could be truly free.

Peter did not want to risk the wrath of God and knew that the one true way to protect himself was to surround himself with humans. As warden, he had the pick of each and every soul that left the mortal plane. Peter started to pay particular interest in the traits and skills of mankind and with greater frequency, denied those bound to heaven past the gates, instead offering them a great glory along a different path…

On Earth:  As God gazed upon the heavenly gates, God saw a great queue unlike one he had ever seen. Looking closely he could see that his saint was not there, instead, in his place was a little note that simply read: “I Quit, Peter”. God’s fury and rage was vast, the heavens themselves almost cast asunder. But Peter was not in Heaven, he had taken up refuge on Earth, choosing the path of the renegade as Satan and his followers had done those thousands of years ago.

Gathering the souls of those sent back to Earth in secret, Peter quickly established himself as a overlord and Kingpin in New York City and actively sought mortals with a specific skill set. His underlings being dispatched daily in a bid to surround himself with the most ruthless and very best that mankind had to offer.

His name is only muttered in hushed tones, for none save his closest of followers know his true identity or purpose. The name Peter, is associated with murder, greed, treachery, deceit and fear and rightfully so for Peter see and knows each and every soul, even yours and if you are not with him in his quest against the throne, then you are quite literally on the wrong side of the fence.

In Game:

St. Peter has the ability to turn even the strongest characters to his cause. Manipulative and deceitful Peter will have even the strongest willed dancing to his tune.

AKA : Evil Incarnadine

In Heaven:

Moloch is responsible for depravity, genocide and atrocity. In Heaven Moloch was a war monger, a necessary control measure designed by God to set in motion terrible events that would shape civilisations and lead mankind into unity through hope and despair. For God knew the evil potential that lurked within man.

With each act fresh act of slaughter Moloch slowly fell from the path of enlightenment, no longer did he undertake his work out of duty as before, instead he now relished each and every act of genocide and lunacy, revelling in the destruction, suffering and pain he wrought. As the centuries passed as days, Moloch grew tired of man despite wars on a continental scale, for the first seeds of unity had blossomed and his role became less and less. Moloch took to pushing dark thoughts of butchery depravity and mutilation into the minds of men causing catastrophic events unheard of in human history and with each fresh act the very soul of mankind darkened further.

Throughout all of this, his oldest friend, Satan lavished fresh insanities upon Moloch, fuelling his maniacal habit. And it was only natural that when Satan made his play for the Throne, that Moloch was by his side inflicting his warped intentions upon his brother and sister angels. Though the war for Heaven was vast in its destruction, it was short and God’s mightiest champion Michael cast Satan down, breaking him and in doing so expelled Satan and his followers from Heaven eternal.

On Earth:

Moloch did not hide, though he took up the form of an ancient Egyptian deity, its once noble and pure form, twisted and warped to the malign presence within. For on Earth Moloch’s potency grew vastly, now able to directly manipulate the minds of men from close quarters he fuelled their murderous intentions and insidious desires. For where madness treads, perversity will follow and soon Moloch had touched or fuelled the minds of countless abominations, drawing them to his banner and striking out across the Earth, inflicting pain and suffering whilst leaving nought but death and destruction in his path.

In Game:

Moloch can induce uncontrollable and murderous rage in even the mightiest of hero, turning proud and noble warriors into slavering monsters on a whim.
With a strength rarely matched and using anyone in his path to fuel his murderous desires, Moloch is a behemoth of legend, striking terror into all that gaze upon him.


Before Death: When Adam was exiled, Eve thought that God would forgive Adam and allow him to once more walk amongst his children. The years passed as if days and Eve cared for and nurtured her many children as any mother would, confident that God would someday return Adam to her.

Their children grew old and had their own children in turn. Each son choosing a new path and direction to expand and build upon the idea of man. As they did so, Eve grew old and frail, lonely and companionless. As time marched ever onwards, God saw bitterness and resentment take root in Eve's heart and for the last time he came to Eve and gave her a choice.

God offered Eve the ability to watch over her far roaming children, to the be the mother he designed her to be. For God knew the mortality of mankind and entrusted Eve with guiding the souls of her children to the next realm. With this great task came the curse of immortality for all of man is a child of Eve and until each human had breathed its last, Eve could not rest.
Reluctantly Eve agreed for she could no longer bear the pain of longing and loneliness.

As Death: Eve struggled to adapt this role, watching on in horror as mankind became murderous, treacherous and false. Even worse still were the first few. Facing her first daughters and sons to harvest their soul was torturous, for when then gazed upon her new form, they could only ask "Why?"

In order to detach herself from the pain of misunderstanding and hatred, Eve scoured the lands to find materials to build an effigy, to hide her true identity. When Eve had gathered the necessary materials Death as we know him today, came in to being.

From that point until now, Eve, as Death, has become a figure of terror and awe, for wherever she is near, the end is never far.

In Game:

In Purgatory you will be able to field Death in one of 3 formats.
As 'Eve' with the blades of Wrath and Ruin
As 'Death', a towering construct of impending doom
As both, a combination of razor sharp intellect and brutal strength

In Heaven:
God created Siren as a control measure, for Siren’s gift lie in temptation. God knew that man had destructive potential and so, His Angels were created to teach man to use the gifts given to him, specifically creativity and the arts. Each Angel would teach man a specific gift, Harut in the art of magics, Penemue in reading and writing and so on. However Siren had no such role, God created Siren to tempt man away from the paths laid before them, to test them, to root out the weak of will, thus making mankind stronger and truly devoted to the paths laid before them.
However within Siren lay a flaw. A flaw exposed many a time during the lifetime of man, one that has seen the creation of the Nephillum and seen even the most devoted of Angels banished and cast down from Heaven. For she was a tempted by man, as man was tempted by her.
Siren is responsible for the demise of many a great warlord or hero. Even those destined for greatness and bound for the halls of Heaven have fallen short or disappeared entirely and St. Peter has often attributed smudges and gaps in his ledger to the trickery of Siren, cursing her name with each missing soul. Siren’s appetite for mankind became unhealthy, she developed a particular fondness for champions and warlords male and female alike, the temptress had become the tempted.
Siren would appear as a vision, a smell or sound at first and it has been known for an emerging champion to rise unexpectedly from a victory feast, striding off into the darkness, never to be seen again. Though Siren has a spiteful and churlish side, for should man start to resist her lure, she will cast him over a cliff edge and smash him asunder on the rocks below for if she cannot have them, then none other shall. These souls that she ensnared became bound to her and mewled about her domain and realm, seeking favour and attention, completely enthralled by her.
God through St. Peter, came upon Siren’s realm and discovered her secret. Seeing this flaw now, God showed compassion and understanding to his child. Releasing the souls bound to her, he saw her anguish and the anger that flared in her eyes. In that moment God knew that whilst Siren was pure, she could no longer truly remain in Heaven indefinitely. God re-tasked Siren with a role on Earth, one that could see her talent and addiction used for the purposes of good. Should she agree and stay true, Siren was welcome within Heaven for celebrations and grand feasts to be among her kind once more.
On Earth: God’s task for Siren came at a time where man was in a period of expansion and exploration, where the great oceans and seas were being taken to by vessels large and small. God was sad to see man perish in such a way for a soul lost at sea can never truly be claimed. God bade Siren to be guardian of Earth’s great oceans and seas, to guide man safely in their journeys across the vast expanses of water.
Siren gladly accepted this decree and set about her work, though the glint of mischief never truly faded from the corner of her eye and through the passage of time, Siren and her maidens have continued their lust for man and their Bermudan realm swells with each unexplained disappearance.
In Game:
Siren’s call is irresistible to all but the strongest of willed and she will confuse and befuddle those that resists her. She and her maidens are deceptively quickly and lurk in the shadows, waiting for the right opportunity to ensnare their pray or consign them to their doom.