About Purgatory Miniatures

Purgatory is set on Earth, at a time where angels and beasts run a mock, where you can bring skirmishes to life using a range of 32mm scale miniatures in a game designed with fun in mind.

The Past:

The War for Heaven has spilled out into the mortal universe. It was during the time of the great Egyptian kings and Chinese dynasties that the renegade angels were cast out of Heaven. Their play for the throne foiled.

Scattered throughout the universe and underverse some of the angels came to Earth, the foundation stone of God's greatest triumph, the race of Humans. True angels had visited this world before but to educate, teach, nurture and guide as opposed to overthrowing and ruling.

In fear of retribution from those loyal to the throne, the fallen went into hiding, refusing to communicate with even their own for fear of betrayal. For hundreds of years these fallen angels lurked, subtly altering the course of history using mankind as tool for their machinations.

As time passed the fallen grew bolder and none could imagine the influence each of these could now wield. Their followers swelled and allegiances declared openly.

At first, sightings were rumoured or reported. The central governments and in particular the Church were quick to dismiss the claims outright as scandalous nonsense and lunacy.

But we had been deceived. As slaves to the lies of social media propaganda and misdirection we carried on, like cattle, completely unaware of the apex predators in our midst.


It is the age of Purgatory. The world has stopped spinning, plunging entire continents into eternal day or night. Our world was not designed to contain the righteous and the impact of their presence has been profound.

The ghosts of our past have returned, heroes of repute and notorious villains have re emerged, the halls of the underworld vomiting those long dead back into grim reality.

The War for Heaven is renewed and our world has become the playing field. Angels cast bolts of destruction and carve flesh from the bones of mankind as nightmares, devils and humans stand side by side with angels in a grim war of betrayal, enlightenment, despair and hope.

Choose a side, bring your fellows, don your armour and join the War for Heaven in Purgatory!