The Game

Immerse yourself in a world where the lines of Good and Evil are sometimes blurred

Life in Purgatory….

The year is 2048 and Earth has been ripped asunder by great Portals spewing
forth the dead as Angels rain down vengence from above.
Rallying their Human devotees to their biddding.

A mighty battle for control of Heaven is upon us and great celestial beings take
to the battlefield alongside the people of Earth.

Purgatory is a 32mm scale skirmish game played on the tabletop. Our high quality resin miniatures are sculpted by some of the foremost miniature artists on the planet. We instill a high level of detail in all our characters to really bring the game to life.

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What Do I Need To Start?


10 x D6 Dice

Tape Measure

Gift of the Gods Cards

Random Direction Dice

Stat Cards


4′ x 4′ Game Area

Tokens or markers

Download the Rules

You can download a FREE set of the Purgatory rules in PDF form